Colin Pitson

ICF Master Coach with 11,000 hrs coaching experience.

Introducing unique approaches to

  • Executive Mentoring and Coaching
  • Workshop Facilitation
  • Professional and Personal Development
  • Conflict Resolution and Avoidance
  • Relationship Skills and Counselling
  • Management of Change
  • Career Management / Realignment
  • Professional Speaker

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Who is Colin Pitson?

Colin Pitson is Managing Director, Veritas Alliance Pty Ltd, a consulting company that provides specialised services directed at creating excellence in leadership and management. He is an Internationally qualified Master Coach with more than 11,000 hours of coaching around 1000 executives. Colin offers a unique combination of experience as a CEO and as a management consultant, together with formal qualifications in psychology, psychotherapy, management, engineering, coaching and coaching supervision. He has particular expertise in the areas of team development, conflict resolution and change management.

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Here’s what others have said . . .

“I asked Colin to challenge me and he did this in a skilful, supportive and respectful way. Early on I realised that I needed to draw on my personal courage if I was really going to be the leader I envisaged. I also realised that positive and effective leadership is based on a complex mix of qualities: vulnerability, decisiveness, honesty, empathy, inquiry and high expectations. I slowly understood the value of authenticity and it is this understanding that has guided me throughout so many challenging situations. It is my compass when I feel uncertain, the safety net to which I always return.

I had a number of ‘light-bulb moments’ when I could suddenly see what had not previously been evident to me. I had some painful moments when I recognised how my neediness, my self-interest or my judgemental attitude was holding me back. I had many joyous moments when I was the leader I wanted to be.”

Catherine Wall
Deputy Secretary, Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations


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