Affordable & Powerful Coaching Supervision

Supervision Packages only $200/hour plus GST – programs of 10 sessions.
Individual and/or Group Sessions
(For details of the Structure and Practices of Veritas Supervision please refer to separate document “Veritas Framework for Coaching Supervision”)

Take Your Coaching to a Whole New Level through
Affordable and Powerfully Effective Professional Supervision

What Veritas supervision will do for supervisees:-

  • Inspire and promote ongoing professional development as a coach.
  • Assist and guide with the development of personal coaching framework within the ethical parameters of the coaching profession.
  • Provide support as professionals in the coaching field so as to ensure that supervisees have effective self-care mechanisms in place.
  • Increase insight into your coaching strengths against ICF competencies.
  • Identify and address personal blind spots.
  • Build a coaching culture, strengthen trust and reflective practices.
  • Guide supervisees to enlighten, challenge, inspire and change positively a client’s way of thinking.
  • Learn how to ask more powerful questions.
  • Provide assistance, guidance and support for ICF and other coaching accreditation.

Veritas Master Coach and Supervisor – Colin Pitson MCC

Colin Pitson

Colin is an ICF Accredited Master Coach (MCC) with 20 years of experience involving more than 11,000 hours of coaching. He offers a unique combination of experience as a CEO of Federal Government Agencies, and certified coach with formal qualifications in psychology, psychotherapy, management, engineering, coaching and coaching supervision. He has coached at cabinet minister level and very senior levels in various government departments and at several universities. His niche has been grooming “talent pool” officers for high office and to become all they can be through building emotional awareness and emotional regulation.

Colin has a University qualification in Coaching Supervision and over a decade of experience as supervisor and mentor coach. He has an engaging supervision style that balances challenge with support and holds participants accountable for their own learning in a compassionate and inspiring way.

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