• Help map and approach the complex environment in which senior executives work and enable them to identify the real issues needing to be addressed.
  • Partnering Senior Executives to plan and implement major cultural change, improve communication, team-building – throughout large and complex organisations – by means of group as well as individual coaching, 360 degree feedback processes and leadership workshop facilitation.
  • Working with the CEO and top leadership team to meet specific work targets and levels of professional excellence and industry accreditation.
  • Assisting a senior executive to learn to recognise and appreciate her considerable strengths, believe in herself, build her intuition and trust it; and to feel more secure and comfortable in the high powered environment in which she worked.
  • Partnering a CEO to explore and practice new and more effective ways of dealing with difficult, complex and personally confronting workplace issues.
  • Team Building of high level leadership team – improving connectedness and collegiality; and developing ability to be more comfortable, open with and trusting of one another.
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