Handling Difficult Conversations Level 2

Group Coaching Workshop for Managers and Coaches

Handling Difficult Conversations-Level 2

This one-day workshop builds on Handling Difficult Conversations Level 1. It will provide opportunities to review progress and share and unpack “stories”- both successes and failures and how they contribute to learning, growth and wisdom.

Disagreement is not a bad thing -nor does it necessarily lead to the conversations being more difficult. Unexpressed feelings can block our ability to listen. Our listening ability often increases remarkably once we have expressed our own strong feelings in terms that respect others and contribute to shared endeavours.

Participants will practice developing a capacity to think of themselves as both a participant and observer of their interactions with others.

Like the earlier program this workshop is interactive and experiential. Exercises will take you through the process of increasing your mindfulness (being deeply aware of what your mind is doing eg. ruminating or catastrophising) and your capacity to make meaning of situations that would previously been very difficult for you.

From this workshop you will develop your capacity to see positions from the “third” perspective which allows you to really entertain another point of view whilst retaining our own position and integrity.


$ 1500 plus GST per workshop participant.

Participant numbers in the workshops will be strictly limited.


Colin Pitson and Helen Lang

(Colin Pitson is an ICF Accredited International Master Coach and Managing Director of Veritas Alliance Pty Ltd.

Helen Lang is an ICF Accredited Coach, psychologist and ex. senior public servant)

Registration: colin.pitson@veritasalliance.com.au  Phone 0407408518

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