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Neuro Linguisic Programming

nlpRichard Bandler has described NLP as a methodology based on the overall operational presupposition that all behaviour has a structure and that structure can be modelled, learned, taught and changed.

NLP is a set of explicit skills and techniques developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler in 1975 through modelling the work of outstanding therapists including Fritz Perls (Gestalt), Virginia Satir (Family Therapy) and Milton Erickson (hypnosis). Today these techniques are still being evolved by practitioners around the world.

NLP studies the patterns (programming) created by the interaction among the brain (neuro), language (linguisic) and the body that produce both effective and ineffective behaviour.

NLP - its use.

Most organisations now use NLP as part of their sales and marketing communications strategy as it can be used to influence people to buy or feel comfortable with certain products.

In coaching, NLP provides valuable methods for setting and achieving goals, rapport building, developing empowering beliefs, modelling excellence, eliciting strategies for success, eliminating fears, eradicating phobias, destroying compulsions, increasing self-esteem, increasing mental awareness and creating compelling futures.

NLP is used privately for individuals in the treatment of anxiety, addiction, low self-esteem, depression, insomnia, improving memory, accellerated learning, obsessive-compulsive disorders, panic attacks, phobias, fear of public speaking, shyness, spelling, sporting ability and overcoming nerves.

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